How To Create The Best Dating Profile Photos

Have you ever wondered what it is, that creates the best dating profile photos? What is it that makes an overall great dating profile, as there are so many views from people out there today as to what does and doesn’t work.

While everyone speaks about the profile photo, and the importance of it, that is only one aspect.

The most important advice I can give you is that first impressions count. Once someone passes on you, that is often it. They won’t appear again unless you delete what you’re using online and come back again.

From different elements of fashion through to how many photos to use, these are the keys to increasing matches, or to get the ball rolling in the right direction today.


Under 30 dating photos.jpg

If we look at an under 28 lifestyle, it is one geared towards: Festivals, clubbing, bars, travel, and being a little wild. Driven, ambitious, fearless and ready to succeed. To know if someone is looking for a relationship or a hookup however, can be a guessing game versus when you are a little older.

The key elements that will work well for you visually, is having a strong fashion sense, including complimentary colours which we will touch on. Being on trend matters in this squad, and it will get you more matches.

Make an effort with a style that attract’s like minded people. From ripped jeans through to oversized t-shirts, cool kicks and a denim jacket, all work well.

Taking the time to add a nice outfit or two into the mix, is a great tool to let people know you are serious, and potentially looking for a relationship to. Suits and anything of a similar nature however, unless it ties into your lifestyle or job won’t do you any favours. It can come across as being forced.

While this category is looser, it doesn’t apply to photo quality, which will increase matches if you get it right.


30 and over dating profile.jpg

If we look at an over 28 lifestyle, the focus is now: Steady job, career driven, enjoy weekends away, still adventure, a glass of wine at a winery, or heading to a nice restaurant.

You are going to be judged more overall. Potential matches are now more so looking for a relationship. You are expected to dress smarter and take care of your overall appearance. Grooming on point isn’t always expected, so throw in a positive curve ball for others.

Think of it this way. If you meet someone in the street and you are dressed well and get into a conversation, they will give you more time than someone who isn’t dressed as well. This is the mindset needed for over 28.

Grab that suit, iron that shirt, choose nice pants, bring out that colourful dress, and wonderfully flowing skirt. Cool and casual outfits can still be included for variety, and as we will cover below, add activity into the mix if it is part of your life.

With online dating guys are less choosy than girls. So guys you need to make that extra effort in both categories. It is 60% guys versus 40% girls online today.


find your strengths.jpg

If you have a look at #fashion on instagram, you’ll see a s!*t load of posts, and many with a great fashion vibe.

Is your vibe rock, grunge, sporty, or are you more a dressed-up suit or dress and off to the races type of person? Take note as to how It is you’d like to be portrayed overall.

Expensive outfits don’t always equal amazing, but there is a difference between trashy, casual and classy.


Complimentary colours are often overlooked. Turn up in the right combination, and it’s very likely other will stop and look twice at your profile.

Those popular Instagram fashion accounts, you just may follow, all have this down to the tee.

It is the photographer’s job, to then find complimentary locations based upon what you choose.

There are different colours categories to look at based upon being male or female, as well as your skin tone. Once you know these, you can easily work them into your everyday lifestyle as well.

Guys (Tip) - We are told to wear neutral colours to look manly, while pastels and brighter colours make guys look feminine/metrosexual. If you’re a big fan of a style and rock in the colours, then do it! Colours will actually make you stand out amongst a flock of people.

Head over to our Pinterest page and you will see a guys as well as girls board called complimentary colours. This will give you ideas which you can also apply to your every day lifestyle.


Hair and Makeup.jpg

When it comes to hair, look as radical as you like.

1. If you have long hair, look to change the style when you change location. A change of outfits and location brings added variety into your shots.

2. Keep makeup light. Remember it’s a dating shoot, not a glamour shoot. People want to see the real you, so keep it natural as you would on a day to work.


Photographers will often arrange photo shoots based around looks. 1 look = 1 outfit
= 1 to 2 different location changes
= 1 to 2 photos to use for a dating profile

We don’t recommend doubling up on any outfit more than once. (Using 2 photos in the same outfit for your profile)

A dating profile should compliment you and your lifestyle, not be all portraits (head and shoulders) or shot in a studio, as realism is lost.

The following points will help you to maximise your chances of getting swiped right.


jordan barrett.jpg

When you look at someone’s Instagram, what is that makes you follow them?

The chances are that their feed is quite interesting and gives a pretty cool insight into their lifestyle. There is an intrigue factor, which can be applied just as easily to online dating.

Think of the dating app’s as a small-scale Instagram but with the chance for someone to swipe left or right, with some great stand out photos. It’s an element which the most swiped on guys and girls get right.

If you are someone who stays fit or is active, enjoys tennis, basketball, golf, dance, or even yoga on a rooftop somewhere, it is highly beneficial to include a photo or two. A healthy lifestyle is very attractive to others, and active photos will rate higher than any other in your profile.

If you play a guitar or any sort of instrument, get your photographer to capture it. Any hobby such as a love of coffee, at the beach, then show this in photos.

Travel, urban, street, fashion focused, classy, loud, a wicked personality, a super fun guy. Are you a mix of two or three?

People responding to photos often say “Hi” “hey”, what’s up”, unless you provide photos that provide talking points. Get it right from the get-go.


Dating profile dogs.jpg

Oh! You thought I forgot :) people love pets. If you have one in your shots, you will be loved. Ideally you want to be with your pet, showing it affection, rather than having them as a stand-alone shot. The effect isn’t the same.

The same relates to social, whether it be with your family or friends. This just shows “hey, come hang out with us” and “I have a social life”.


1. Get proper sleep. Bags under the eyes suck.

2. Have your skin in good condition. Sure your photographer can photoshop out blemishes, but a glow to your skin can’t really be added.

3. Turn up to the shoot with clothes that are either ironed, or don’t have creases. It tells a lot about your overall appearance.

4. Remember your props. You don’t want photos of all you only, though your photographer should know that to.

5. If you are unsure of anything at all ask your photographer.


At Swipe we always narrow down your photos as to what will bring you the best matches, on specific dating sites. Any good dating photographer should know all mainstream sites well. Choose someone who will give you this advice and work with you after if needed.


What if im not photogenic.png

I need new dating profile photos, but I’m not photogenic?

This comes down to your photographer. If possible look for reviews online prior to.

Even if you have never done a photoshoot before, the right person will know how to make you feel relaxed and have fun. A good photographer will find your strengths and weaknesses, which will then have an effect on what your face is doing in a photo.

The use of props allows you to focus on them, and not on the camera. Aim to have more candid photos, captured in the moment.

If your still concerned, chat on the phone before you book. This will give you a good indication and vibe of what to expect on the day, and if you don’t like it then shop around.


It may seem like it’s a handful to put all this together. 80% is the photographers job not yours.

The difference between using a dating photographer who knows the game, is one that can have a significant change to finding a great new relationship.

Are your dating photos doing you justice? Book a dating photo shoot today or shoot us a message.