What Are The Pros of Using a Dating Photographer

When I first started doing dating photography, it was on pure suggestion from a friend.

I actually had no interest in it, and thought why would I specialise in one style only, when professionals often shoot many. Weddings, portraits, editorial, advertising and maybe documentary, sports or pets. Why wouldn’t someone just go to one of them.

On the other hand more and more people seemed to be doing online dating. The profiles I came across from friends, were mentioning that they really weren’t getting many matches, and they had exhausted all their best photos.

This situation created the following, which is still very common today:

the dating cycle.png

A couple of months after starting up, I realised that the role of a dating photographer wasn’t just to take nice photos. Any professional can do that. It was about having photos that can make someone stop in their tracks.

One of the biggest things about online dating, is that it can get quite disheartening, even when you are trying your best in every aspect.

We often think we’re not good enough, not sexy or hot enough, or i’m really never going to meet anyone. That couldn’t be further from the case.

Here is what to look out for in a good dating profile photographer today, so you get the most bang for buck, and can find that potential great partner.

  1. Someone who will analyse your current dating profiles prior to a shoot, and know what’s needed.

  2. What is making that other person swipe right or left.

  3. What are the current trends, with all new forms of online dating.

  4. How can I capture this persons personality and lifestyle, and make them stand out.

  5. Produces non compressed images, natural and on location. Photos so you can also be seen well in the best light.

The second piece of the puzzle is to find out what your dating profile photos actually say about you