How To Bring Your Online Dating Profile More Attention


A study published in the academic journal PLOS-ONE encourages users who use dating apps not to be shy when putting together their online dating profile bio.

The study speaks of the focus on originality, openness, and fearless disclosure, saying they are well-received and can be beneficial in helping set one’s dating profile apart from others.


The study asked 1,234 users of online dating sites to evaluate the originality of text in several authentic dating profiles.

They highlighted that those who used text with originality, came across as having more positive traits such as intelligence, sense of humor, high romantic intention, and attractiveness. That’s a pretty big win.

This is the one area that many people always tread carefully with, as they are don’t want to be portrayed the wrong way, are unsure as what to say, yet they also want to speak their mind.

This is a great opportunity to actually start using your own unique personality, and not have to stress out about it.

Originality on dating apps moving forward

The researchers attempted to find out what precisely makes for captivating profile text. They found that highly original texts contained one or more of the following elements:

  • Vivid descriptions and imagery

  • Metaphorical expressions (e.g., “I am a rockstar in the kitchen” vs. “I am a very good cook”)

  • Intimate self-disclosure statements (e.g., “In my life, I value people who treat everyone with kindness” vs. “I treat everyone with kindness”)

  • Writing from another person’s perspective

  • Concrete information about what someone is looking for (e.g., “I’m looking for a fit, adventurous and intelligent women, who doesn’t take life too serious”

    On the basis of the findings, the authors suggest that crafting effective text in a dating profile may require owners to carefully balance novelty and appropriateness.

The dating website Eharmony have previously stated “that users whose profiles are heavy on clichés tend to get fewer messages and responses than those whose profiles show thought, originality, and a genuine sense of humor.”

Originality in a bio goes hand in hand with also creating dating pictures that stand out amongst others. From fashion through to unique hobbies, there are many possibilities.