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Our focus at Swipe Photography is in analyzing your current dating app photos, then developing new strategies so changes occur

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Swipe Photography specialises in dating profile photos, and increasing your matches.


How To Create The Best Online Dating Profile

Have you ever wondered what it is, that creates the best dating profile? This is my breakdown.

What Do Your Dating Profile Photos Say About You

These are the most common photos I get sent before shoots. What do they actually mean?

What to Wear For Your Dating Profile Pictures

What you decide to wear for your dating profile photos can be based on character, age, or overall fashion sense.


If you are unsure about how many looks you need, send us a message.
We often break down all online dating photos, to see what is worth keeping from your current shots, and what is not prior to shooting.
2 look photoshoot


A 2 look photoshoot is ideal for those who are happy with most of their online dating photos, though want stronger profile shots.

3 look photoshoot


If you are missing out on clear or current photos, and/or lacking variety or punch to your shots, this will be best suited to you.



If you are new to online dating, been using it for a little while now without much luck, or find yourself jumping on and off of apps, this will be best suited to you.