What Do Your Dating Profile Photos Say About You?

At Swipe, we analyse the strengths and weaknesses of profiles. These photos are some of the most common ones we get sent prior to shoots.


Are selfies your vibe? If so you are more likely to fit in with society’s expectations and go with the grain. Selfies have their place on social media, though are not to popular with online dating.

It can reveal the excessive need for the recognition and approval of others, if you have to many of them in your profile.


How current are the photos you are posting today? It is most often the case to choose photos that we purely look the best in.

Whether they are ripped off facebook or your mobile camera roll, there is a huge bank on offer to choose from.

Adding these type of photos into the mix, with some that actually may be current, could be quite confusing for that other person.

Should someone take the risk and click on you? If you set up a date and turn up, and they reference one or two of the older photos, things may get a little awkward.


It might seem common knowledge to not post photos with the opposite sex, yet it still happens very frequently.

Whether it be a mate or an ex partner, the person who is swiping will wonder why you have posted it.

The photos in question are the ones of the two of you only, or standing next to a guy/girl in that group photo.

Unless you come across a legitimate swingers dating app, this one might be best to leave in the offline memory box.

What’s Up Hotty? No I Mean Your Friend!

Do you have one or even a couple of hot friends who are super photogenic? Killer eyes, amazing smile, super white teeth, in amazing shape, hair that glows?

Are they in your online dating profile photos somewhere? The hope from the person swiping is that it will be you, and… it’s not. Damn!

This comes down to doing things strategically, so someone doesn’t ask “Sorry to interrupt but who’s that hot friend on your right?”

Whether it be 2 to 3 guys or girls in a photo, look twice before posting.

Dark Photos

If you are in a studio, putting music together, and it shows an overall interesting vibe and scene, then darker photos could work.

In general however, a dark profile picture will often reflect a rebellious personality, and it can also portray that you are a bit of a loner or stoner, dependant on where it is taken.

People are less likely to think of you as friendly and approachable. Good lighting makes a huge difference!


The most important aspect of someones dating profile, is that are eyes are seen well. Sunnies are the one accessory that will have a greater impact on your matches, if they are left at home.

What this comes down to, is that people think you are often hiding something. Should you want to use glasses still, which can be very cool, aim for clear or coloured ones (no tints).

The Foodie

Enjoying food, shows that you love the good things things in life. You appreciate a great meal and you’re not on a strict diet of broccoli and chicken, being thrown on the scales.

For many people, seeing someone have to much of a regimented and strict lifestyle can be a turn off.

A love of food can also be a great set up for a first date, with endless options to go to. There is a reason those food pages are so popular on instagram.

At The Job

Photos at work imply that your professional life is important to you, and you are also full of ambitious plans, especially ones taken in a formal setting.

This is a great tool to use should you be looking for an actual relationship, and have only been matching up previously with those who are after hookups.

Benefits may come from finding a partner as driven as you are. Now get back to work!

The Groomsman or Bridesmaid

Posting pictures as a groomsman or bridesmaid, sends out subtle messages that you may ready to settle down, and again are serious about finding a relationship.

Totally go for it, if that’s where you are in your life right now.

It is better to be strait forward than not, with every aspect of online dating, so don’t hold back. Obviously choosing the right online dating sites will also take you a long way. One photo is enough.

Photos with Kids

Posing in a photo with a child is very similar to the previous point. It may be interpreted that you want children of your own, possibly sooner than later, depending on how mushy the photo is.

It also reflects greatly that you are good with kids, should you be having fun, and are also a family person.

The third benefit should you choose the photo wisely, is that there are often single mums and dads who may or may not want more kids, or that you may have kids yourself already and are looking to attract someone similar.

We shoot both single mums and dads at Swipe.



In the world of instagram today, filters can enhance photos to really make them pop. For many photographers they are also standard in finding and developing a style or theme to be known for.

When it comes to dating photos however, your best matches will always come from photos that are stripped back from add ons.

People are more than smart enough to pick up on if filters are being used, and similar to sunnies, it comes back to “is there a reason you have used them”?

MY life is great

There is a fine line between being successful and having a great career, versus showing off your most expensive toys and assets in someone’s face.

If others are looking for a relationship, it will be very dependant if they decide to swipe on you, or are looking a sugar mommy or daddy. If they do, you better be ready to cover the first date, or ten.

The Real Me

At the end of the day, people just want to see the real you. Once you meet someone, there won’t be any guesswork, and things will flow much easier in conversation.

What’s your strategy?


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