What To Wear For Your Dating Profile Pictures

What you wear for your dating profile pictures is something that can make your shots stand out amongst other people, however, it is also a very individual-based game based on your character, personality and overall fashion sense.  

Having worked as a fashion photographer, there are certain elements that come into choosing just how it is that you want to be portrayed. 

I often get people going out to buy new clothes specifically to shoot in, and while there is nothing wrong with doing that, you may just have what you need in your closet currently.  

The last thing to keep in mind is your age, as I shoot people from university students through to single mums and dads, and there is no one-size-fits-all-all. 

You will want to dress to suit that, or who you are ideally aiming to attract. So with that in mind, let’s break down how to choose the best outfits.


If we look at an under 28 lifestyle, it is one geared towards: Festivals, clubbing, bars, travel, and being a little wild. Driven, ambitious, fearless and ready to succeed. To know if someone is looking for a relationship or a hookup however, can be a guessing game versus when you are a little older.

The key elements that will work well for you visually, is having a strong fashion sense, including complimentary colours which we will touch on. Being on trend matters in this squad, and it will get you more matches.

Make an effort with a style that attract’s like minded people. From ripped jeans through to oversized t-shirts, cool kicks and a denim jacket, all work well.

Taking the time to add a nice outfit or two into the mix, is a great tool to let people know you are serious, and potentially looking for a relationship to. Suits and anything of a similar nature however, unless it ties into your lifestyle or job won’t do you any favors. It can come across as being forced.

While this category is looser, it doesn’t apply to photo quality, which will increase matches if you get it right.


If we look at an over 28 lifestyle, the focus is now: Steady job, career driven, enjoy weekends away, still adventure, a glass of wine at a winery, or heading to a nice restaurant.

You are going to be judged more overall. Potential matches are now more so looking for a relationship. You are expected to dress smarter and take care of your overall appearance.

Think of it this way. If you meet someone in the street and you are dressed well and get into a conversation, they will give you more time than someone who isn’t dressed as well. This is the mindset needed for over 28.

Grab that suit, iron that shirt, choose nice pants, bring out that colourful dress, and wonderfully flowing skirt. Cool and casual outfits can still be included for variety, and as we will cover below. Add health and fitness into the mix if it is part of your life.

With online dating guys are less choosy than girls. So guys you need to make that extra effort in both categories. It is 60% guys versus 40% girls online today.


The one thing that all fashionable people have in common is that they always wear matching outfits, often of 2 colours, sometimes 3. If it is 2 this may be top and shoes, with the centre colour being different or they may even aim for all one colour such as a double denim look. 

Keeping this in mind when arranging outfits puts you ahead of others, who rarely do this. Especially guys.

When choosing colours, there are 2 ways to go about it. 

The first and my preferred way is to look at your phone, Facebook or Instagram photos. Those shots that you like most, and post to socials are often based on the colours you are wearing in them, and compliment you best. It is the most accurate way, versus thinking you have to wear this and that colour. 

There is often a handful of colours that work well for each person.

The second way if you don’t have many photos of yourself, is to find someone with similar features to you. Think about skin colour first off as that is key, then hair and eyes. Aim for 2 of these features. 

To do this, finding a celebrity is always pretty easy. Search for celebrity name + fashion, to see images on Google. 

Let’s take Ryan Gosling as an example, whose characteristics are arm 1. Warm skin colour 2. brown hair, and 3 if you choose, blue eyes. There will be a pattern of clothes he most wears, which you can expand on by typing someone’s name in goggle and fashion. If you want to level up on this, type in more of a fashion-conscious celeb instead such as Jared Leto or Machine Gun Kelly.


Being well-dressed and presentable is going to work in your favour, and also make you more confident in front of the camera. Doing so is what makes you the most attractive, as it shows who has made an effort, versus just winging it. This will reflect in the amount of matches you potentially get.

It isn’t however a matter of just buying the clothes and turning up, which very often happens. You do need the clothes to be ironed or have no creases, whether it’s just a t-shirt or a shirt. Especially if you are going to shoot more than 1 change of outfit in a day. 

If you do what is quite common with clothes, by putting them all in a bag and then bringing them out when you’re ready, then that kinda puts you back a step or two. 

Think about outfits and how they can accentuate or work with your body shape. If you are fit and healthy, nearly anything goes well. Does this mean you can do tops off? If the scenario is strategically done yes, such as on a boat or surfing. 

If you have more of a medium size build, I wouldn’t recommend any light colours/pastels. Aim for darker shades, as you will like the end result photos more. As you do want the focus to be more on you, avoid wearing pattern/logos on your clothing.



1. Get proper sleep. Bags under the eyes suck.

2. Have your skin in good condition. Sure your photographer can photoshop out blemishes, but a glow to your skin can’t really be added.

3. Turn up to the shoot with clothes that are either ironed, or don’t have creases. It tells a lot about your overall appearance.

4. If you are unsure of anything at all ask your photographer.